A message from MSAD 35 MAINE

Dear Members of the Marshwood Community,

As residents of Maine, we are all fully aware of the difficulties weather can create.  As a result, MSAD 35 has worked together with the Town of Eliot and Town of South Berwick Emergency Management Directors, as well as each community’s Chief of Police, Fire Chief and Public Works Director to create clear emergency protocols in the event of a severe weather event or an unanticipated emergency.  These protocols will provide clear, collaborative communication between the towns, the State of Maine and the school district.  In essence, I will work to gather as much information as possible to make an informed decision regarding our school’s opening, closing or having a delayed start time, and then communicate this information by 5:45am with members of our school district.

Families have questioned why the phone calls to cancel school are so early in the morning; the reality is that our school buses begin their morning routine as early as 5:50am, with the first students being picked up at approximately 6:20am.  Therefore, some children are required to walk to their bus stops, up to ½ mile, and will be leaving their homes by 6:00am.  Below you will see listed the various outlets where MSAD 35 will post information in the event of a change in our school’s daily status:

Posting on the district’s website front page: www.rsu35.org

Posting on the district’s Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pages...

Notification via TV channels 6, 8 & 13

Notification via radio stations WTSN and WHEB/WERZ

Phone message and email via Connect-ED

MSAD 35 will not be able to offer “Blizzard Bag Days” (everyone fully remote) as an option instead of a traditional snow day.  The State of Maine has a requirement that lunch and breakfast must be served for a school day to be countable.

It is also important to note that weather conditions can range across our district and there may be times that, as a parent, you decide to keep your child home when school is open.  I want to assure you that the district will support you in your decision, as we believe that if you as the parent do not feel it is safe to have your child or children attend school, you should keep them home.  In these cases, the absence would be considered “excused” and any work that was missed may be made up in a reasonable period of time.  I also want to provide some clarity on our Two Hour Delay Schedule:

Two Hour Delay – A two hour delay will result in all schools moving their start times back 2 hours.  Bus pickup times will be 2 hours later than normal.

School                                              Bus Stop Pick up                          Two Hour Delay Start Time

CES       Two hours later than a typical day.   11:00 am

EES       Two hours later than a typical day.   11:00 am

MGWS  Two hours later than a typical day.   11:00 am

MMS     Two hours later than a typical day.    9:30 am

MHS     Two hours later than a typical day.    9:30 am

*Remote Learning classes will follow the Two-hour delay schedule for your child’s school, as staff will need the additional time to safely get to work in the event of inclement weather.

Providing a safe environment for our students and staff is our priority.  Thank you for your continued support!


John S. Caverly, M.Ed.

Superintendent of Schools