MSAD 35 News June 9, 2021 Dear Families and Staff, First of all thanks for your hard work, patience and support during this school year; it was tough but here we are, June 2021 and things are definitely looking brighter! A couple of notes on the upcoming vaccination clinic: COVID Vaccination Clinics will be held on June 11 at MHS from 8:30-10:00 and MMS from 10:15-12:15. Your student’s vaccination card is at the site (school) where they received their first dose. If you need to get the second dose at a different site, please contact the RN at the school where the first dose was administered to pick up their card. Your student can receive the first dose during this clinic. You will need to fill out the consent form for them to bring with them. If you need a consent form, please contact me Judy Doran RN or your school nurse and we’ll send one out to you. You are welcome to be present and can fill out a consent on site but your attendance is not required. The Pfizer vaccine has received Emergency Use Authorization for children aged 12 and up and is widely available in Maine if you decide to hold off on getting your child vaccinated now but would like to in the future. COVID-19 Vaccinations are our ticket out of this pandemic. The more people who are vaccinated, the less restrictions we all face and the safer our communities are for all people. I often get too wordy in these letters, but today I’m going to keep it short. Thanks again! Thank you Bus Drivers! Thank you Custodians! Thank you Teachers! Thank you Ed Techs! Thank you Admin Assists! Thank you Food Service Folks! Thank you Families! Thank you Kids! Thank you Admin! Thank you Nurses, every one in every building! You all put in mighty effort and kept up with us as we tried to figure out next best steps. I think the next best step is taking a minute to breathe, giving ourselves credit for this year, allowing some down time, being patient with one another and moving forward. OK maybe some ice cream, parks, mountains, beach, music, dining, hiking, connecting with friends, family, whatever…...just remember you’ve all been through the wringer, some more than others. Take the time you need to breathe and move forward. Thanks again and here’s to summer! The MSAD35 Nursing Team
6 days ago, Vicki Stewart
Dear Families of GWS students, I know this is stating the obvious but it was pretty hot today and looks like the same for Tuesday. This is just a reminder for the kids to bring water bottles to school and we will make sure they fill them. Most of our 4th graders are lucky because there is air conditioning in most of their classrooms. However, not all and 5th grade has none. We plan to keep things fairly low-key on Tuesday and the 5th graders should have plenty of sun to practice with their solar cars. We have moved 4th grade field day to Friday. Hopefully the heat will break and we can finish off the school year in comfort. Thank you for everything you have done to make this crazy 2020-21 school a success. Sincerely, Jerry Burnell
8 days ago, Vicki Stewart
Marshwood Middle School Presents a Walking Experience for Young Students The 8th-grade students at MMS have been working hard for months to create an outdoor walking experience for our younger Marshwood students and their families. The outdoor stations are up at MMS, and we want to invite all families to come to visit and learn about inclusion and the acceptance of others. The stations will be up until June 11th, and more information is included in the attached invitation.
13 days ago, Vicki Stewart
invitation for MMS walk
End of Year Library Dates for Great Works School Last Student Checkouts: May 21st All Books Returned: May 28th
about 1 month ago, Marshwood Great Works Office
Remote Learners are receiving another delivery of materials. Wednesday, 5/5/2021 - bus leave Great Works at 10:00 a.m. and will stop at the same stops as the last delivery. Call GWS if you have any questions. (207)384-4010.
about 1 month ago, Marshwood Great Works Office