Board Policies

G-Doc’s Version:

If you know the policy name you can use the “Sections A thru L – Sorted by Alpha Listing” document link below to cross-reference to the section/policy code.  You will then have to go into the “Section” below to view the policy.


Sections A thru L – Sorted  Alpha Listing

Sections A thru L – Sorted Alpha by Sections


Affirmative Action 2018 – Final Revised

Transgender Student Guidelines – 11-20-19

Section A – Foundations and basic commitments

Section B – Governance – Board BYLAWS

Section C – Administration

Section D – Fiscal Mgmt

Section E – Support Svcs

Section F – Facilities

Section  G – Personnel

Section H – Negotiations

Section I – Instruction

Section J – Students

Section K – Community

Section L – Ed Agency Relations